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Groom's Health Cover

GROOM'S HEALTH COVER - another essential product offered by Equipagé.  This cover provides affordable, sustainable primary health care to lower-income earners for GP visits, acute medication, chronic illness treatment and Emergency Care.

Once the Groom has gone on cover they will have access to a list of dispensing GPs

Groom's Health Cover will cover acute medicine in full according to their formulary. We can send you a list of doctors in your area on request.

If the Groom uses a non-dispensing GP from the list provided, they can go to any Mediscor pharmacy which include Clicks and Dischem up to a limited amount (specific to the opted plan)

Grooms will receive optical benefits every second year from any PPN optometrist which include Spec Savers.

Private Hospitals can be used for accidents only. Sickness is not covered in hospital on this cover.

There will be no waiting periods and no exclusions on pre-existing conditions.

Groom's Health Cover provides unparalleled peace of mind to every yard owner and, as a service to the equine community, this policy is offered as a stand-alone policy.