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Equine Insurers

Equipagé. Belong With Us.

Since 1996, Equipagé has been the country's preferred option for quality horse insurance and we continue to lead the field in the local equine insurance world with true innovation and service excellence.

Being the founders of Critical Care Cover in 2010, Equipagé strives to continually provide clients with products that meet their requirements.  We firmly believe in providing clients with solutions that are relevant to their actual needs. 

A horse is an interesting investment to insure as it is both a living animal and possession, so the policy you choose is often a combination of mortality, critical care and liability insurance covers. It is common to start with a basic mortality policy, and then customise your insurance package to suit your and your horse's particular needs.

We provide horse insurance cover for stud, competitive, pleasure and race horses.

We also offer insurance for horses in quarantine overseas, awaiting import into South Africa.

Equipagé is proud to insure many of our top riders in South Africa as well as most of the major competitive yards across the country.

We also insure South African horses competing overseas in various prestigious events.


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Office: 087 150 1853
Fax: 086 607 6803
24 hour Contact Number: 083 377 2705