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Public Liability Cover

This cover is for damages which you shall be legally liable to pay, happening or occurring away from the premises where the horse is kept, consequent upon injury or damage which is directly caused by Your ownership of the Insured horse. Cover is available as a stand-alone policy.

Limit of Liabilities available: R1,000,000.00, R2,000,000.00 and R5,000,000.00.

Covering any one occurrence or series of occurrences arising out of any one event. You will be liable for an excess of R1, 000.00 per insured horse per occurrence that gives rise to a claim.

This policy does not cover:
• death or bodily injury to You or a member of Your family or any employee arising out of their employment duties;
• loss or destruction of / or damage to property belonging to or in the possession of or in the care, custody or control of You or any member of Your family or any person in the Your service.
• liability directly or indirectly related to your business or profession