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Mortality Cover

MORTALITY COVER INSURANCE protects against financial loss due to the untimely death of your horse.

Mortality Cover will cover for death due to accident, illness, disease, theft and whilst in transit or if your veterinary surgeon has to put the horse down on humane grounds as a result of an accident, sickness or disease.

Age Limits: Birth up to and including a maximum of 20 years.  Veterinary Certificates are required for horse's incepted at birth.

A Veterinarian's Report for Insurance Purposes is required for Insured Values greater than R100,000.00 at inception of the policy.  This is ultimately a requirement that offers you greater protection in the event of a claim arising.  If the horse is 16 years or older a Veterinary Certificate will be required at inception of the policy irrespective of insured value.   Veterinary Certificates must not be dated more than 1 month prior to the inception date of the policy.

Identification: A satisfactory ID from the horse's Passport, microchip number, brand markings or 4 x full length photos are required.  Identification of the horse on the Veterinary Certificate will also suffice.

We need to be advised of any injury, illness or operation of any description that your horse may undergo.  If your horse dies for any reason whatsoever please ensure that you have an autopsy report done with all the descriptive markings and identification by the vet concerned.  We need to be notified within 48 hours of any death claims.

The rate, a percentage of the insured value, is based on the age and use of the horse.

Additional coverage such as Loss of Use and SASRIA Cover can be taken out in conjunction with the Mortality Cover.