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Critical Care Cover

CRITICAL CARE COVER is a policy designed and created exclusively by Equipagé. We are very proud to have launched this cover in April 2010. Previously this cover was known as Surgical Cover.

As industry leaders, our inside knowledge enables us to develop products specifically to meet the needs of our clients (both four legged and two). Critical Care Cover was designed to cover your horse for any critical life saving in-hospital procedure(s). This cover can be equated to ICU treatment for humans.

In our years of experience we have recognized that it is paramount to provide cover for the increasing costs of veterinary care, not just for general anesthetic procedures. Equipagé "joined forces" with the top vets in the country to develop the Critical Care Cover product. Critical Care Cover will cover general anesthetic procedures as well as other in-hospital procedures provided it is in-hospital and life saving.  After-care is limited to 15 days while the horse is kept on the premises where the life-saving procedure was performed.

This essential policy must be taken in conjunction with a Mortality Cover Policy at a minimum Sum Insured of R20,000.00. Available for horses between the ages from 48 hours after Birth up to and including a maximum of 20 years.  Veterinary Certificates are required for horses incepted at birth.

Sum Insured amounts available up to a maximum of R80, 000.00 per EVENT.

Identification: a satisfactory ID from the horse's passport, microchip number, brand markings or  4 x full length photos are required.

This policy does not cover:

  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Performance enhancing procedures
  • Bone chip removal
  • Non-emergency wind operations
  • Non-life threatening lameness
  • Conditions, existing, diagnosed or treated prior to the commencement of coverage
  • Any elective or voluntary procedures
  • Procedures performed out of Hospital 
  • Post-mortem